Leader Development Offerings

Leaders develop and learn through experience. That is why Quicksmarts Coaching offers a number of leadership development experiences that range from classroom workshops to outdoor scenarios. We design a challenging, engaging, and fun environment where participants learn leader skills and then get a chance to practice them. In addition, we provide follow-on coaching packages to help reinforce the learning. Our current offerings include:


Leadership MeetingWe create experiences that develop better leaders. We design workshops for organizations on leadership topics such as what makes a leader, building great teams, and values based decision-making, Using small group methodology and a conversational learning approach, we create a learning environment where your leaders will learn through conversations in context around a powerful piece of content. Contact us for more information.


Leading Innovators

IMG_2332Leaders influence innovation and change in organizations. With the right leadership, your team—and the innovators on your team—has the potential to become a creative powerhouse. Design Thinking is a way to tap into that creativity, to open your team to collaborative interdisciplinary thinking. You can lead and influence your team to solve problems together using the iterative design thinking process.

We offer workshops that teach the basics of the methodology tailored to an organizations needs. Our follow-on coaching packages reinforce the learning and help integrate new skills into the organizations innovation processes. Implementing the design thinking process in organizations can ensure that leaders identify the right problems and find solutions.  Contact us for more information.


At a design thinking workshop we ran for a major soft drink company

Leadership Experiences

We design scenarios that teach the basics of leadership. Participants learn valuable leader skills and then immediately put them into practice in challenging scenarios. In this way, they build new skills while leading their teams to accomplish their assigned mission. The learning is reinforced with an After Action Review, which is an effective technique to use to learn lessons from projects and operations, and then apply them to future endeavors. Contact us for more information.


Quicksmarts Coaching founder Jonathan Silk (on left) with some of the top high school quarterbacks in the nation as part of the Nike Elite 11 program at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR in July 2015.

Jonathan: “The Nike Elite 11 Program is a leader development experience for the top high school quarterbacks in the nation.  It is conducted at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR. I helped plan and execute the event as a member of Team Red, White, and Blue (RWB) which had responsibility for the events on the first day of the program.”


Virtual Live and Online Leadership Development Experiences


We offer the same courses listed for our workshops above in a virtual-live, or online learning environment using a mobile learning application. The flexible online format/learning means you have more control over when and where you learn. Using videos and case studies, participants learn from each other in a dynamic social learning environment. Contact us for more information.

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