Coaching is a learning and change process that builds a leader’s capabilities to achieve professional and organizational goals. Leadership coaching is for leaders who want to improve their capacity to lead and exercise leadership in order to make a significant contribution to their respective organization’s purpose and mission.

Our approach is a three step process:

Phase I: Context – What’s Up?

In this phase of coaching we strive to understand the clients situation and personal story, to clarify the clients agenda, and to explore their capacities and competencies.

Phase II: Content – What Matters?

In this phase of coaching, we focus on encouraging the client to define a range of choices that is connected to their desires and goals for coaching. We help the client develop a vision for the future, and begin the process of putting together a plan to make their vision real.

Phase III: Conduct – What’s Next?

In this phase of coaching, we support the client as they take action and move toward their envisioned future. Experience is the primary medium through which adults learn and develop professionally. Each session in this phase is focused on learning from experience. With the coach in support, you can develop the ability to learn to reflect on action and learn from experience. We call this Quicksmarts. With this skill, you can begin to reflect and learn in action– the trait of agile and adaptive leaders. Read more about Coaching and Quicksmarts in this recently published article.

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